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Workshops: an action-packed two hours (for FREE!)

For the last six years or so Melton BID have been organising workshops covering all aspects of social media and digital marketing (with me as their tutor). These are always fully funded (ie FREE!) and also include a buffet tea. The workshops run from 6-8pm, at the council offices in Melton Mowbray.

There is a series coming up, all of which you can book onto now:


Wednesday 30th January How to write a blog that people will want to read

Blogging is the cornerstone of digital marketing. It is your starting point for social media content, as well as helping your website’s SEO. There is no need to be afraid of it! This session will get you writing straight away, so bring a pen and paper!


Monday 4th February Using live video to promote yourself and your brand

Video is increasingly important in the digital world, and live video adds an extra dimension to your communication. Come along and learn not just how to do it, but what to say and when. Bring your smart phone or laptop.


Wednesday 6th February If you’re not on Facebook your business doesn’t exist

Social media is often our first port of call for finding out what’s hot and what’s not. If your business isn’t taking part then you will be losing sales and getting forgotten. This session will guide you through a simple Facebook strategy to make sure you’re on to a winner.


Monday 11th February Telling your story through Instagram

We are visual creatures and there is no better place to tell the visual story of your business than on Instagram. This session will teach you some top tips, as well as give you a clear strategy for your Instagram marketing.


Monday 25th February How to get found on LinkedIn and start the conversations you want to have

Every professional has the world at their fingertips, thanks to LinkedIn. Why is it that so many people are on it though, and so few actually use it? Come along and learn how to make yourself stand out, how to connect with the right people, and how to start conversations that convert.


Monday 4th March Using paid social media advertising

It is all too easy to waste money on social media advertising, but this session will stop that! You will learn the different advertising options available, as well as how to create and target an advert to your ideal customer.


Monday 8th April The hottest trends, hot from the US

Find out what’s new, what’s changed, and what is working right now! I will have just come back from the biggest social media conference in the world, and will update you on all the latest tips and techniques.


If you want to use social media to get more customers, or are already using it, but don’t feel like you are doing it ‘right’, these two-hour workshops will give you the essentials you should know when it comes to using social media to market your business. No jargon, just loads of really useful information.

These workshops are for businesses in the Melton Mowbray area, so feel free to share this email with any colleagues or friends you have that way. To book on, you need to email me (, and Shelagh Core from Melton BID on