Work with me

If you’re fed up with buying off-the-shelf courses or wasting money on second-rate mentors, I feel you. I once spent £15k on the crappiest programme ever put on sale, that did my confidence so much damage… True story! 

I know you feel like you have already tried all the things, but I don’t believe we have worked together before… 

You’re looking for the magic unicorn, but that doesn’t exist. Sorry to break it to ya!  

The solution is already inside you. YOU are the key to a happy life, a business model that works like clockwork, and a feeling that you are absolutely on the right path.

I have been through everything you are feeling right now, and I can tell you the answer isn’t in yet another ‘how to use social media’ programme – no matter how slick their sales page. The answer isn’t in working harder or the 24/7 hustle either. 

The answer is in your confidence and trust in yourself. It’s in YOU.  

And that’s what I will help you unlock. 

“Having bumbled through business for 6 months, I decided to reach out to Libby and we quickly arranged a 1:1 meeting. Libby asked me one very clear question during our meeting and it made me think long and hard. “What do I want to achieve?”. Well, I can honestly say, the cost of that meeting was the best investment I have ever made.

I now realise how important investing in yourself is. No amount of spend can match investing in you, Libby made me realise that. If you’re looking to kick start your business, I would suggest you speak to Libby at your earliest convenience and invest in yourself!”
Adie McCarthy
EweMove Oakham & Harborough