Will the Blair Witch win?

Straight up: I am terrified of horror films. I am actually even scared of the dark… So what was a person like me doing in the cinema, back in 1999, sitting down to watch The Blair Witch Project?

Well, I say “watch”, but I spent the majority of that 121 minutes with my hands over my ears (fact: they can’t get you if your ears are covered) and my eyes closed.

I was genuinely petrified.

And don’t even get me started on when I went to watch Candyman, nearly 30 years ago now (whaaaat??). I nearly threw up with fear when we had to go back to the multi-storey car park afterwards, and I STILL sometimes have to stop myself thinking the thing (three times) when I look in the mirror.

So yeah, me and horror films aren’t a match made in heaven.

But you know what I have realised over the years? They are just films. They aren’t real. My FEAR is real, but that’s a construct in my own head, and therefore something I can also deconstruct.

Running a business is also one big scare after another, isn’t it?

Everytime something doesn’t according to plan, you might think that there’s a killer on the loose, ready to slice your business into pieces. But in reality, that killer is only what we BELIEVE is real.

  • Zoom cutting out while you’re mid-presentation
  • Clients cancelling contracts before you’ve even started work
  • Nasty replies to your well-crafted emails
  • Spilling tea on your laptop

These are all real things that happen every day in business, but they are just rights of passage that can make you more determined to succeed.

You can choose to recognise that the emotions you’re feeling are your very own Blair Witch construct, acknowledge the feelings, and then MOVE ON!

The more you take these horror bumps in your stride, the closer you will be to having the business and living the life of your dreams, not nightmares…




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