Why you should over-deliver in your business

You should always over-deliver in your business in order to keep your clients happy and get people talking about you.

I’m not saying that you should suddenly slash your prices – far from it – but the perceived value should always exceed the paid-for price.

There is a reason people pay more for certain products and services, and that’s because of the experience. If something comes beautifully wrapped in a gold box, or if something comes in a padded envelope, the perceived value of the boxed item is far more than the jiffy bag one, even if they cost the exact same amount.

Let me give you a real world example:

We were expecting a delivery from IKEA yesterday, that we’d paid £15 delivery for, and booked in for a specific date.

It didn’t arrive.

I got an email today saying it was coming on Monday.

No explanation. No apology. Hmm. Bit disappointing.

Watch this video to see find out more…

If you are going to offer a premium price for a service or product, then it’s imperative you deliver to your customers’ expectations.

Never over-promise and under-deliver. It could damage your reputation, cause ill-feeling and bad press, and be a barrier to growing your business.

Be the gold box in a world of padded envelopes.

That is why you should under-promise and over-deliver in your business. Your customers will love you for it, recommend you, and keep coming back for more 🧡

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