Why Masterchef is a metaphor for business life

I recently watched the latest series of Celebrity Masterchef and was struck by how it is a metaphor for business life. Now, I am not a fan of reality TV nor celeb-based programmes, BUT I absolutely love Masterchef! I think that’s because true skill is involved, and participants learn and improve as the weeks go by.

Some of the celebrities on this year’s series were (or had been) truly at the top of their game (a gold medal Paralympian, an England footballer, a supermodel, a twenty-year TV veteran). What really struck me about their time in the series is how terrified they were to be out of their comfort zones.​

Just like us “normal” folk!

Cooking isn’t what these celebrities have spent their entire careers doing. It isn’t what they’re paid to do. It isn’t their zone of genius.

BUT, they take a breath, and try their hardest. Some dishes work out, some don’t, but you can see the progress that is being made, and the sheer joy at getting better at something that seemed impossible.

Your business journey is like your own personal Masterchef challenge. There will be so many thing along the way that derail you (your business equivalent of making souffles…), but every single thing you do gets you one step closer to that winner’s trophy.

You’re definitely the Champion of your own business, so don’t ever forget that!

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