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Hello, I want to ask you a question, why are you on social media?

Do you know?

I imagine that you’re like probably 80, 90 percent of the businesses that I talk to who are on social media, because a few years ago they set up an account, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, Instagram account, because they could because it was there, because they saw people making money out of it and they were told that they needed to do it in order to make money and make their business grow.

And that’s not a reason why.

The reason why is knowing who you want to connect with, knowing who you want to talk to, knowing who you want to work with, knowing what they want to hear, and knowing how you can help them. That’s why. And from that, you can choose which social media platform is going to best serve the audience that you really want to connect with and work with.

If you can’t honestly answer why you’re using the social media platforms then I want you to take a step back and I want you to just really think about this and try and answer the questions.

I promise you that if you do that, you will save yourself time, you will save yourself energy, you will save yourself money, and you will just save yourself a whole load of floundering.

You’ll have more clarity and focus going forward and making use of the most superb tools that exist out there that many of us have built successful businesses using.

But that’s because we know why we’re doing it.

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