Trust your gut instinct

You must learn to trust your gut instinct. Call it intuition, call it a sign from the universe, call it an inkling, call it whatever you choose, but…


Listening to yourself and your inner voice is possibly the single best thing you will EVER do in your business.


Because you know what is right for YOU, and no one else does. There are lots of people who can teach you tools and techniques in order to achieve something, and lots more people who can help you tap into working out what you really want to do with your business, but ultimately it is only YOU who can decide if that sits well with you.

You might remember the story I told about a £15k coaching programme I invested in and how I left said programme only four months in to the 12 month cycle. Why? Because it didn’t feel right. The system they were teaching didn’t work for me. Not because it wasn’t a solid system, but because it didn’t FEEL the way I wanted to run my business.

And that is something so precious. Your business is just that: YOUR business. You must run it in a way that suits you. You must defy all convention if you’ve tried the “norm” and it doesn’t work for you. How you feel running your business is everything.

Take this from someone who has been through countless business iterations over the last ten years. Does that make me flaky? NO! It makes me stronger and wiser and in a better position to help people like you (if you want to know how, just click here).

So whatever decisions you make today, before you make them, take a deep breath, trust your gut instinct, and ask yourself “how does this make me feel?”.


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