Choosing to invest money into your business is a pretty major decision, and so it has to be the right choice for you. I know that my website is crammed with my take on what I do, so here’s what my clients and students have to say…

“I was working seven days a week, 12+ hour days, from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep, on my phone constantly, and just burnt out and exhausted. My husband and kids were sick of me being on my phone all the time. I desperately wanted to change it, but I didn’t know how, and I was scared.

I sat next to you at an event and you said you help people work less and earn more and it was music to my ears. I was like, ok, that’s what I want to do.

We set a goal at the start [of working together] of me working Monday to Wednesday during school hours. And we have achieved that 🥂

I have freedom now. If I want to choose to work on something in the evening or at the weekend, I’ll choose to do it for my own business, but it’s not that I *have* to do it anymore.

Before, I would be tearing my hair out at 10:00pm trying to get my work finished for the day. And now I almost don’t know what to do with myself with all the spare time I have!

My turnover is about the same, but a lot more is coming from passive income – £1,500 in the last week while I’ve not really been working!

You’re very upfront and honest. If something is not a good idea, you’re just like “don’t do that”. I feel some coaches are a bit “manifest it and be your higher self”, but you just kept me on track [to working less and earning more] with practical action steps: very straightforward and to the point.

Taking random days off would never would have been possible before – thank you!!!!!!!!”

Social Media Manager

“Working with Libby has been a life-changing piece in the puzzle of self-employment.

I wasn’t thinking like a business owner and undervalued my skills and time.

Now, I confidently prioritise both my needs and my clients’.

Libby’s guidance transformed me into a strategic business owner. She helped me take action, giving me the clarity to adjust my pricing and improve my business.

Sessions with her provided the space for self-reflection and accountability.

Her approach, free of fluff, resonated with me. She’s not about chasing a 10k month but creating a business aligned with your life.

The investment in working with Libby was worth it. I now understand my value, am more self-assured as a business owner, and have a clearer sense of purpose.”

Content Creator

“In the first 15 minutes of our 1:1 coaching day I had SO much clarity that has become more concrete throughout the day and I feel so much better.

I’ve fallen into some bright shiny object syndrome thinking over the last few months and today has helped me to realise how I can add more value to my clients, create change on a bigger scale, and, create more time whilst making more money.

All in just a few hours.

We identified some of the ways that I’m slowing down the decision making and buying process for clients, where I’m leaving money on the table, and how by implementing one simple tool I can create a much better experience for my clients.

I’d absolutely recommend working with Libby if you want straight talking, no BS changes in your business. We’re definitely on the same level, and I’ve really enjoyed the day. So much so we’ll be working together again. “

Coach | Speaker | Author

“With Libby’s support I felt confident enough to double my prices which has led to more bookings with lovely clients and doing more of what I love, and as an added bonus enabled me to run my business solely from home giving me more freedom & flexibility as a wife, mamma & business owner.”

Personal Stylist

“Having bumbled through business for 6 months, I decided to reach out to Libby.


Fast forward a year and I now have people becoming clients because of the content they’ve seen me share on social media, including a contract worth multiple five figures.

I can honestly say the cost of working with Libby was the best investment I have ever made.”

Real Estate Agent

“I am forever grateful for Libby’s enthusiasm and passion.

Libby is an impassioned and engaging individual, always willing to make time, and values the importance of doing things to help empower people and give them confidence.

I definitely would recommend anyone talking to Libby when they want to know how they can create impact for their small business.”

Knowledge Coordinator

“Working with Libby has been very clarifying for me and has given direction, focus and new skills in abundance.

Thanks to Libby’s wonderful enthusiasm and soul-searching questions, I am ready to say with happiness and confidence, ‘Here I am and here are my creations!’

Thanks a million Libby!”

Cosmic Artist

“Libby has helped me re-evaluate my business model as a whole and how it’s going to grow and be sustainable in years to come. Thank you.”

Energy Healer

“I took Libby’s advice and stopped “selling” in the content I shared. This new approach netted me a 40% increase in sales in a week!”

Online Entrepreneur

“I have worked with Libby for a number of years and found her to be knowledgeable, flexible and really fun to work with.


Libby is focused on how she can add value to companies and works closely to understand how to fulfil that remit. Highly recommended.”

Managing Director

“Libby has a professional but relaxed style, with a great depth of knowledge and expertise. Having implemented some of Libby’s key pointers I saw over a 700% increase in engagement.”

L&D Specialist

“Libby used insightful questioning and a motivating approach to constructively challenge me, and I’m glad she did as this resulted in a significant increase to my client base!”

Executive Career Coach

“Almost immediately after I started working with Libby, the average spend per customer almost doubled. 

She gave me some really simple but VERY effective ways to tweak my business model, which has actually meant less work for me for more income!”

Clothing Store Owner


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