Social media is hard work

Social media is hard work. You won’t hear many social media marketers / gurus / experts saying this, but with 12 years’ experience researching, watching, learning and teaching, I can tell you with some authority that it is.

Social media is hard work.

There are no two ways about that.

So now we’re finally being honest with each other, what next?

Do we walk away from Instagram and Facebook because we don’t have any energy left from everything else in life?

No, of course we don’t!

Social media may be hard work, but it is also the single best free resource out there to connect you with your target audience.

So, like it or not, we’re kinda stuck with it!

Given that then, what’s the best way to tackle things?

Well, you could spend three solid days creating 100 Reels that may or may not perform, or you could bang out a load of posts using a $27 template you bought from an influencer.

Or – and this is what I would recommend – you could take a step back, forget all the gimmicks and jazz hands, and actually think about what you’re trying to achieve, and put some logic in place.

Let me explain…

If you met someone at an event/party/supermarket and they seemed like someone you’d love to work with, what would you do? I’d hazard a guess that you’d start a nice conversation with them, ask a few questions, and get to know them a bit. You might even bond over a shared love of a mid-morning can of 7Up (just me?).

The point is, you would be human, and have a wonderful human interaction, that would enrich both your lives a little bit.

So why do we make social media any different?

Why do we make it hard work?

Why don’t we treat it as hundreds of mini-encounters with our fellow humans? Imagine the incredible power and influence that would happen as a result if we did just that.

Now that’s not hard work.

That’s enlightening.

That’s enriching.

That’s empowering.

And that’s how to grow a business too.

So next time you open Facebook or Instagram on your phone, don’t sigh and think it’s such hard work to keep up. Instead think about all the lovely people within your screen that you can get to know a bit better.

And watch the difference that makes to your bottom line…

Together, let’s make social media easy work 🙂

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