Seeing Your Audience As People, Not Just Numbers

There is a lot of information kicking around Instagram and Facebook about your likes, comments, reach, etc etc etc, but what does it all actually mean? How do these numbers help you with seeing your audience as people, and not just data in a spreadsheet?

In this video I help you reframe that mass of numbers into information that actually matters to you – and to the algorithm gods – and helps you keep focused on the PEOPLE your audience is made up of … (if you prefer to read, keep scrolling)

The algorithm favours certain types of engagement. Engagement is simply somebody taking an action, which could be clicking ‘like’, or making a comment. The algorithm will favour people who’ve taken an actual positive, considered action, such as commenting or sending a DM.

Let me dissect all the available numbers for you and put them into the context of people’s behaviour…


If we think about it in terms of people’s behaviour, a ‘like’ is someone just scrolling and nodding and smiling. If you think of it in real world terms, imagine walking along the street and seeing someone you know, nodding ‘alright?’ at them and walking on.

It’s the lowest value interaction for the algorithm, and for you.


Comments are positive interactions. Someone has to consciously write something, and that’s added value for both you and the algorithm.

It’s a conversation starter, as well as a positive affirmation that your content is resonating with your audience.

You can reply to comments and really start to get to know people. People! Not numbers.


People who save your posts are the ones who are filing it away for future use. They think it’s so valuable, or inspiring, or useful that they want to be able to access it over and over again.

You won’t get a notification that someone has saved your content, like you will with likes and comments, but you can find this data on each posts’ Insights.

Just because you don’t get a notification, don’t assume incredible things aren’t happening behind the scenes, because they are.

Saves are fantastic! These people love you.

Messages and DMs

Ooh, the delicious sign that someone really, REALLY, likes what you’re saying and wants to chat directly with you. Privately with you. DMs are magic!

Once someone has popped into your DMs, you can continue to talk to them, and share links with them, and useful content, or send voice notes, and really become their go-to person.

And that’s when the sales start to explode!

Remember that every single piece of engagement is from a person who has approved of what you’re sharing. You don’t need 15,000 people. You need ones and twos whose lives you can really improve.

The magic is in the small numbers.

Look at them

Look at the numbers as people. Nurture them. Be thankful for each and every one. And watch what happens not only to your engagement, but to your bottom line 🧡

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