I’m taking a moment to reflect on a significant milestone we’ve reached together – our 50th podcast episode! So, I want to talk about the importance of celebrating business milestones, and how these celebrations can fuel our motivation and growth.


The Journey to 50 Episodes

Starting and completing a project, such as my podcast Life In Business, is no small feat. It’s been a journey of learning, improving, and growing. I remember when I started a blog 12 years ago, my writing skills were far from perfect. But with perseverance and continuous learning, I’ve seen significant progress. My podcast is no different. We all start off not being very good at something, but with time and dedication, we can make great strides.

Celebrating Milestones: How and Why?

One question that often comes up is, how do we celebrate milestones in business? I’d love to hear your suggestions on this. I’m choosing to celebrate Life In Business’ one-year anniversary and future episode milestones – next stop 100! But it’s not just about the big milestones. It’s equally important to celebrate ordinary achievements and appreciate how far we’ve come.

My personal approach to celebrating achievements includes updating my income and budget spreadsheet, sharing the good news with my husband and mother, and taking a moment to step away from my desk to reflect on my accomplishments. It’s about pausing and acknowledging success, even if it’s as simple as making a cup of tea.

Beyond Financial Numbers: Recognising the People Behind the Business

While big celebrations like popping champagne or going out for fancy dinners are nice, it’s also important to find small ways to celebrate daily achievements. It’s crucial to recognise the people behind the business and not just focus on financial numbers.

I have personal goals, such as reaching 100 podcast episodes and being a guest on 50 podcasts per year. I also want to speak at more events, which significantly impacts my positioning and visibility in my industry. I encourage you to set your own goals and evaluate if your current actions align with achieving those goals.

Setting Goals and Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating achievements is a great way to stay motivated. I’m already planning a celebratory dinner when we reach 100 podcast episodes. It’s important to set realistic goals and incorporate a sense of reward and enjoyment in the process. Achieving goals brings not only financial benefits but also freedom, positioning, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

For example, you might have goals like saving money for a holiday or paying off debt. I encourage you to reverse engineer these goals, breaking them down into smaller monthly targets and working out the necessary actions to achieve them.

Acknowledging and Celebrating Achievements

It’s essential to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate achievements, even the small ones. I celebrate each podcast episode that gets edited and goes live, recognising the effort and progress made. In business, there may not always be colleagues or coworkers to celebrate with, so it’s important to appreciate and reward yourself.

I invite you to share your goals, how you celebrate, and any changes you plan to make in acknowledging your achievements. I’m excited to hear from you and look forward to our next episode, where I believe our businesses will be even better. Message me on LinkedIn or Instagram and let me know.

In conclusion, setting goals, celebrating milestones, and recognizing personal achievements in business are significant. I encourage you to take pride in your progress and continue striving for success. Remember, every step forward, no matter how small, is worth celebrating.

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