#27 Grow And Scale Your Business Without Hustling

You do not need to work harder or hustle when you want to grow your business. You don’t want to grow a million-pound empire, you want more income working fewer hours than you do now! To grow your business, you need absolute clarity on who you are and what you want, and what your key blockers are right now, and that’s the way to set yourself up for easy business growth. Listen along to discover: *How to recognise what your obstacles are *How to know what’s worth doing and what you should stop *Why shiny object syndrome is bad for business *How to stop people-pleasing *How to be true to yourself in your business *Why boundaries in business are your secret weapon

#26 How To Manage Entrepreneurial Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a serious issue for business owners, and can lead to full-blown burnt out. Being conscious of how you feel is one of the first steps to managing your overwhelm and getting your energy and mindset back in alignment. In my business journey, I have been overwhelmed countless times, and now I have strategies that really work to keep things on an even keel, which I share with you in this episode. Listen along to discover: – How to stop perfectionism and all your ideas leading to overwhelm – How to say no without feeling flaky or as if you’re letting people down – Why being honest about your energy levels will be a game-changer – How time-blocking can save you from ongoing overwhelm – Why building your support team can seriously lighten your load – Why you need to take absolute responsibility for your own wellbeing

#25 The 3 Best Business Investments You Can Make

Spending money on the ‘right’ things can catapult your mindset and business growth, and in today’s episode I outline the best three business investments I have made in my business since I started out in 2011. It’s sometimes scary to spend money on your own development, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! Listen along to discover: – Why friendships matter so much when you’re self-employed – How to choose the right conference or event for you – Why joining a new community can open exciting doors for you – How the right software can save you hours a week – Why you need to ditch your free trials and think like a business owner! – What type of support is best for you and your business “I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith and invested in myself”

#24 Why Decluttering Is Good For Your Business

Decluttering is great for your business growth, as well as your physical and mental health, so how often do you actually do any? I’ve recently been through a massive digital declutter and it has brought to light some content that I had forgotten all about. Content that can be repurposed to save me time and energy, and I want you to do the same! In this episode, learn: *How decluttering leads to increased mental headspace *What to keep and what to declutter in your business *The easiest way to save yourself loads of time and effort with your social media content *A surprising way to make money from your decluttering *How to feel completely in control with everything in your business The less clutter there is around you, the more space there is to breathe and think.

#23 How To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the utopia we all strive to achieve, but what does work-life balance actually mean to you? Can you have work-life balance and still be a successful business owner? In this week’s episode I walk you through the simple steps you can take to reach the balance of ease, grace, and joy that is perfect for you… Listen to discover: *The simplest first step towards achieving work-life balance *How to get absolutely clear on what you want your life to look like *Creating the schedule and structure that works for you *Why injecting more fun into your day helps achieve work-life balance *How to make your work-life balance sustainable This is your business, this is your life, this is your balance, and you’re in control of all of it, and you can do it whoever you want to!

#22 Creating A Business Routine That Works For You

Are you following a business structure or routine that’s a hangover from the corporate world? Or are your inherited family habits negatively influencing your business decisions? Those can be tough topics to tackle, but remember it’s your business and it needs to work for you, not the other way round! Listen along to discover: *How to ensure your choices are conscious and not “just because” *The magical freedom in setting your own working hours *Why a 5am start could actually work for you… *How to make your own decisions and ignore what you’re “supposed” to do *Some top tips for creating systems that will save you time and energy You can shape the business you thought you could only ever dream of! Rip up the rule book, do what works for you, and go forth and be happy!

#21 Happy Business, Happy Life: Strategies For The New Tax Year

What better time to reflect on your goal and plan for the next 12 months, than the start of the new tax and financial year? April signifies a new start for you and your business, and today’s episode talks you through the steps you can take to ensure 2023/2024 is your best year yet! Listen along to discover: *How to measure your business’ growth over the last year *Getting clarity on what’s worked and what hasn’t in the last 12 months *Why being conscious of what you enjoy will help you make more money *Setting new business goals you really care about *How to make more profit without working more *The easiest way to get to where you want to be in 2023/2024 Remember, every day in business should bring about a little bit of joy!

#20 3 Steps To Easily Create Endless Quality Content

Social media is such a busy and noisy space that creating content can be completely overwhelming. There is an simpler way to approach your social media content though, and in this episode I share how you can easily create endless streams of quality content, over and over again! Listen along and discover: *How to save yourself hours each week with your content creation *Why evergreen content is the smartest thing to create *How your content can help build your email list *How one big piece of content can be repurposed into 22 social media posts This episode will help you be very strategic with your content, have a clear customer journey, and make sure you’re always consistent in your messaging. It’s the simplest and easiest way to save time and get more clients!

#19 How To Run Your Business When You’re Sick

Are you prepared for unexpected challenges that could impact your business? If you’re the only person in your business, being sick can be catastrophic as you haven’t planned for it. In the latest episode of Life in Business, I share my personal experience of having covid for almost a fortnight, and how it affected my business. I also share how it led to my best week this year! Discover key takeaways that will help you: • understand how the bare minimum might actually be enough • manage your time in line with your energy • plan ahead so you can take time out • be smart in your business so sickness doesn’t faze you as much • focus on sales activities so you still have clients coming in • automate your business to ensure it runs smoothly even when you are unable to work • understand how to future-proof your business Tune in now to learn how to minimise the impact of unexpected challenges on your business, and how to be more efficient to allow you to take time away from your business with zero negative impact. Remember, being smart in your business allows you time off for the nice things in life too!

#18 How To Stop People-Pleasing (And Transform Your Business!)

If your goal is to work less and earn more, then people-pleasing is the main thing that will stop you achieving your goal. In today’s episode I will help you reframe how you respond to enquiries; the things you say yes to that maybe you shouldn’t; and the unpaid work you do for clients. The net result of this will be that your business is transformed! Listen to learn: *Why women are often people-pleasers in life and business *Why people-pleasing is stopping your business growing *How to respond to people who ask “could you just…?” *How to say no without being a bitch *How to identify where in your business you are people-pleasing *Why listening to your gut is essential to stopping your people-pleasing *How to add structure, systems, and boundaries into your business *Why getting clear on your goal is the most important thing in your business By the end of this episode, you will feel empowered, comfortable, kind, supported, and confident to stop people-pleasing!

#17 How To Respond To Negative Feedback

The way you respond to client feedback is the difference between creating a brilliant business, and entering a spiral of doom. There is a way to turn negative feedback into a positive experience for both you and your client, and that’s what you’ll discover in this episode. Listen in to learn: *Why communication is the key to responding to negative client feedback. *How to manage your reaction and think before you respond to your client. *Maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with negative feedback. *How to implement change as a result of your client feedback. *Why listening to your client’s feedback could skyrocket your business. *How to remain respectful of your client even if you’re upset. *Treating negative feedback as market research. *Managing your reputation during a tricky time, for now and the future. This episode will help you understand that all feedback is a gift, and teach you the best way to use negative (and positive!) client feedback to provide an even better service, have an even better business, and deliver the exact products/services your ideal clients want!

#16 3 Ways To Triple Your Turnover

Increasing your turnover isn’t just a case of working harder. I’m all about making business easier for you, not just chasing the 24/7 hustle. The smarter you are in the way you work, the more profitable you’ll be, and the easier it is for you to increase your turnover. In this week’s episode I talk you through three practical ways you can increase your turnover, and discuss: *Why women in business undercharge and how to change that *How to value everything you offer in your business *Why adding VIP offers can easily increase your turnover *How to find hidden money in your business *Why saying no to things will make you more money *Why boundaries matter so much to your profit and turnover *How making smart investments can help you grow your business *What a difference accountability can make to your turnover

#15 How To Make More Money With Zero Extra Work

Are you ready to learn how to make more money without putting in any extra work? This episode will teach you just that. In fact, I have issued the challenge to myself to help you make extra cash by the end of this episode! The first step to making more money is to understand what’s actually coming in, and – crucially – what’s going out. You’re probably subscribed to several software or service programmes that you don’t even use… In this episode I talk you through how to take a good look at your business’ financials, and the practical steps you can take to make more money with zero extra work. Tune in to hear my tips and tricks on how to be smarter with your money and make more profit, and by the end of the episode you will have more cash in your pocket!

#14 How To Build Your Confidence in Business

People believe that confidence is something that you are either born with or you’re not, and if you’re not born with it, then it will be a weakness for the rest of your life. But that is not true. Confidence is like a skill. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. I wasn’t very confident at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, but now, 11 years later, after helping over 6,000 business owners grow their businesses, my confidence in myself and in my business has skyrocketed. So if you want to learn more about how you can build your confidence in business, tune in to today’s podcast episode because you are in for a treat!

#13 Practical Ways To Prioritise Happiness In Your Business

Are you prioritising happiness in your business? I know you’re probably thinking: “What does happiness have to do with business?”, and the answer is: Everything! Your happiness is ultimately the only flipping thing that matters in your business, because if you’re not happy, what is the point in having a biz at all? If you don’t prioritise happiness in your business, you could have just stayed in your 9-5, with a lovely annual salary, annual leave, pension, and all the other perks! Your business needs to be built around your lifestyle, your values, and your enjoyment, so if you’re ready to start putting happiness first, tune into today’s podcast episode because this is what I’ll be talking about.

#12 How To Work Less And Earn More, In 3 Simple Steps

My business ethos, whether for my own biz or my clients’, is that working LESS and earning MORE is the ultimate objective. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I talk about how you can make your business as simple and as profitable as possible because that’s how to achieve easy success! Tune in as I talk about three things you can implement in your business to work less and earn more; setting a clear goal that you care about; tips on practical ways to achieve your goal more quickly by being more efficient; how to say no to things that don’t get you closer to your goal; and much more.

#11 How Writing A Book Can Help Your Business

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, my advice for you is to DO IT! I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of people in your industry won’t have written a book, so that’s a huge advantage for you and your business. My book is called Life In Business and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share it with you! It’s available now, so head over to my website at www.libbylangley.com/book and grab your copy. The process of writing a book was very emotional, kind of like therapy you could say. But in terms of practicalities, it is a brilliant marketing tool. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I want to dive into what my experience was like writing my book; why you should write a book too; how you can leverage writing a book for your business; how it sets you apart from your competitors; my tips on how to get started; and much more!

#10 How To Decide If Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

If you’re anything like me, you have about a hundred new ideas every day. That’s great! But please don’t act on ALL of them. Before you jump on your next brilliant business idea, sit down and ask yourself: “is this idea really worth pursuing?” If you start implementing new business ideas every week, firstly your audience will be confused about what the heck you’re doing; and secondly, just after you launch the idea you might realise that it’s not as good in reality as it was on paper. Tune into today’s podcast episode as I talk about the exact questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to implement your business idea; what you should consider in the process; how I can support you; and much more!

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