#17 How To Respond To Negative Feedback

The way you respond to client feedback is the difference between creating a brilliant business, and entering a spiral of doom. There is a way to turn negative feedback into a positive experience for both you and your client, and that’s what you’ll discover in this episode. Listen in to learn: *Why communication is the key to responding to negative client feedback. *How to manage your reaction and think before you respond to your client. *Maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with negative feedback. *How to implement change as a result of your client feedback. *Why listening to your client’s feedback could skyrocket your business. *How to remain respectful of your client even if you’re upset. *Treating negative feedback as market research. *Managing your reputation during a tricky time, for now and the future. This episode will help you understand that all feedback is a gift, and teach you the best way to use negative (and positive!) client feedback to provide an even better service, have an even better business, and deliver the exact products/services your ideal clients want!

#16 3 Ways To Triple Your Turnover

Increasing your turnover isn’t just a case of working harder. I’m all about making business easier for you, not just chasing the 24/7 hustle. The smarter you are in the way you work, the more profitable you’ll be, and the easier it is for you to increase your turnover. In this week’s episode I talk you through three practical ways you can increase your turnover, and discuss: *Why women in business undercharge and how to change that *How to value everything you offer in your business *Why adding VIP offers can easily increase your turnover *How to find hidden money in your business *Why saying no to things will make you more money *Why boundaries matter so much to your profit and turnover *How making smart investments can help you grow your business *What a difference accountability can make to your turnover

#15 How To Make More Money With Zero Extra Work

Are you ready to learn how to make more money without putting in any extra work? This episode will teach you just that. In fact, I have issued the challenge to myself to help you make extra cash by the end of this episode! The first step to making more money is to understand what’s actually coming in, and – crucially – what’s going out. You’re probably subscribed to several software or service programmes that you don’t even use… In this episode I talk you through how to take a good look at your business’ financials, and the practical steps you can take to make more money with zero extra work. Tune in to hear my tips and tricks on how to be smarter with your money and make more profit, and by the end of the episode you will have more cash in your pocket!

#14 How To Build Your Confidence in Business

People believe that confidence is something that you are either born with or you’re not, and if you’re not born with it, then it will be a weakness for the rest of your life. But that is not true. Confidence is like a skill. The more you practice it, the better you get at it. I wasn’t very confident at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, but now, 11 years later, after helping over 6,000 business owners grow their businesses, my confidence in myself and in my business has skyrocketed. So if you want to learn more about how you can build your confidence in business, tune in to today’s podcast episode because you are in for a treat!

#13 Practical Ways To Prioritise Happiness In Your Business

Are you prioritising happiness in your business? I know you’re probably thinking: “What does happiness have to do with business?”, and the answer is: Everything! Your happiness is ultimately the only flipping thing that matters in your business, because if you’re not happy, what is the point in having a biz at all? If you don’t prioritise happiness in your business, you could have just stayed in your 9-5, with a lovely annual salary, annual leave, pension, and all the other perks! Your business needs to be built around your lifestyle, your values, and your enjoyment, so if you’re ready to start putting happiness first, tune into today’s podcast episode because this is what I’ll be talking about.

#12 How To Work Less And Earn More, In 3 Simple Steps

My business ethos, whether for my own biz or my clients’, is that working LESS and earning MORE is the ultimate objective. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I talk about how you can make your business as simple and as profitable as possible because that’s how to achieve easy success! Tune in as I talk about three things you can implement in your business to work less and earn more; setting a clear goal that you care about; tips on practical ways to achieve your goal more quickly by being more efficient; how to say no to things that don’t get you closer to your goal; and much more.

#11 How Writing A Book Can Help Your Business

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, my advice for you is to DO IT! I can pretty much guarantee that 99% of people in your industry won’t have written a book, so that’s a huge advantage for you and your business. My book is called Life In Business and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share it with you! It’s available now, so head over to my website at www.libbylangley.com/book and grab your copy. The process of writing a book was very emotional, kind of like therapy you could say. But in terms of practicalities, it is a brilliant marketing tool. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I want to dive into what my experience was like writing my book; why you should write a book too; how you can leverage writing a book for your business; how it sets you apart from your competitors; my tips on how to get started; and much more!

#10 How To Decide If Your Business Idea Is Worth Pursuing

If you’re anything like me, you have about a hundred new ideas every day. That’s great! But please don’t act on ALL of them. Before you jump on your next brilliant business idea, sit down and ask yourself: “is this idea really worth pursuing?” If you start implementing new business ideas every week, firstly your audience will be confused about what the heck you’re doing; and secondly, just after you launch the idea you might realise that it’s not as good in reality as it was on paper. Tune into today’s podcast episode as I talk about the exact questions you need to ask yourself when deciding to implement your business idea; what you should consider in the process; how I can support you; and much more!

#9 Stop Cold Pitching In The DMs And Do This Instead

Don’t you just hate it when you receive a cold pitch? You know, that copy-and-paste email or DM, where it’s clear from the start that the person didn’t visit your profile or bother to learn anything about what you do or who your clients are. So despite all the social media gurus telling you that you must be chasing your ideal clients in their DMs, I say: “It’s time to ditch the cold pitch, bish!”

#8 Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

If you are struggling with imposter syndrome right now I know how you feel. I have gone through some dark moments myself and I learned A LOT about myself from those times. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I talk about imposter syndrome and what it is, where it comes from, how to fight it and I give you a few practical ways to support yourself in dealing with it.

#7 Why You Don’t Always Need To Be Busy

We need to stop perpetuating the myth that to be successful, you have to be busy, because it’s simply not true. Join me as I share with you where the “keeping busy is a good thing” mindset came from, how you can change it, and how to work smarter, not harder. Plus, I share with you a few tips on prioritising tasks and being more productive.

#6 Reviewing Your Year The Easy Way

Do you do a review at the end of the year? If not, then this is the perfect time to start! When I say “review” you are probably thinking about financial performance, but that is not necessarily what I mean. A review at the end of the year is about much more than just financial goals. It’s about reflecting on your business, on your goals, on your happiness, on your failures and successes. In this episode, I share with you three things for you to review at the end of the year and what questions to ask yourself. I also share more about my year, how I grew my income by 315%, and how you can start planning your goals for the next year in a way that sets you up for success.

#5 Why Email Marketing Matters So Much

I love email marketing. I sent my first marketing email in 2012 and I’ve been sending them consistently ever since. It’s the tool that has brought me the most clients. That’s why in today’s podcast episode, I talk about why you need to use email marketing in your business, why you shouldn’t rely on social media only, how to get started with email marketing, and much more!

#4 Engage Goblin Mode (AKA Self-Care In Business)

Have you ever heard of goblin mode? No? Well, I only heard the expression recently because ‘goblin mode’ has been made the Oxford Dictionary word of the year for 2022. As you’ll learn in today’s podcast episode, goblin mode is very much connected to self-care in business. I talk about what exactly is goblin mode, why you should embrace it, why it’s unsustainable to be in hustle mode 24/7, how to implement self-care in your business, and much more!

#3 The Only Two Things That Matter In Business

Running a business can be really complicated. It’s tiring, overwhelming, with many ups and downs, and it takes a lot of trial and error before you figure out how to make your business work for you. But at the end of the day, there are only two things that truly matter in your business…

#2 Why you need A Vision and A Goal

Are you happy with the way you run your business? Are you aligned with where you are right now and where you are heading in your business? Or do you feel overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated? I want you to go back to basics today so you can gain more clarity, focus, and a better understanding of yourself and your business.

#1 How A Decade In Business Has Led Us Here

Today I share with you a little bit more about me and my story, how I started my business, the mistakes I made along the way, how you can avoid them, what topics you can expect me to talk about in future episodes, and much more!

Trailer – Life In Business Podcast

Do you hate the thought of being a boss babe CEO or a biz babe (whatever the hell that is)? Or maybe hustling 24/7 or building a million pound empire just isn’t your thing. If so, the Life In Business Podcast is perfect for you.