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I’m not ashamed to say that I am a bit of a geek when it comes to technology. I love a cool gadget or a website that gives me a tool to save me time and effort.

On the flip side, when things take longer than they should, it makes me cross that the powers that be haven’t simplified things for their customers. One such thing that has been annoying me recently is having to download each episode individually through Sky Box Sets. First world problem, I know, but 24 episodes is a lot of pressing ‘select’ and ‘back up’.

So, imagine my delight the other day, when this popped up on my TV screen.

Sky download all








Yes, Sky had heard my sighs and put in a ‘download all’ button. Yay!

I was so happy, that I tweeted them to express my delight. They replied almost instantly and we had a good old natter about what box sets I should watch.

Sky conversation on Twitter






























Yes, that’s right, I had a Twitter chat with the big multi-national Sky, about which TV series I might like.

Was this an upsell for them? No.

Was I complaining or unhappy? No.

Were they just providing really good Twitter customer service? Yes.

And it’s as simple as that. By taking a bit of time to have a chat, they made me happy, and, more importantly, made me feel like a valued customer.

It’s something we can all do a little bit more of in our businesses. Never underestimate the positive affect a five minute chat will make to one of your customers.

Now, I must go, I have five new box sets* to plough through…


*Gomorrah, Banshee, Madam Secretary, Billions and 11.22.63, if you’re wondering


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