If it is broke, do fix it

You know the expression “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? I think it’s high time we updated that to be more positive, don’t you?

Why would you choose to keep something in your business that ain’t “broke”, but no longer quite works as it should, is out of date, or just doesn’t make you happy?

Why would you settle for less?

The more you upgrade, the more you will shine, and so the more customers you will get. It’s a simple equation really.

Think about the software you use and pay for. Do you need it all? Do you use it all? If not, cancel the subscription. Save yourself the ten, twenty, thirty, or a hundred pounds you’re wasting each month and spend that on personal development instead.

What about your phone or computer? Are they a bit slow? Battery not so good any more? Upgrade them! It’s not about wantanly spending money, it’s about allowing yourself to have the best tools for the job, so you can do a better job – and an easier job!

There is no need to treat yourself and your business as second class citizens. You deserve the best, just like you provide for your customers. You wouldn’t make them settle for “broke” products or services, so it’s time you stopped doing that to yourself!

So delete the old apps, throw away the leaky biros, unsubscribe from services you no longer use, cancel old subscriptions, and invest in yourself in a positive and conscious way instead.

Your business will thank you.

Happy upgrading!

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