(Originally written in 2016)

My new business cards arrived this morning. I ordered them from Moo, because I love some of their quirky designs, and I really wanted my new cards to be super-thick with a pink band running round the edge.

It’s the little things that make me happy in life.

The doorbell rang and I skipped downstairs to greet the postman. He handed me the package and I looked at it, saw the Moo “yay!” sticker on the box, and, of course, said “ooh, yay! It’s my new business cards! Do you want to see them?”

Now, I don’t know my postman that well. We have a little chat sometimes, but I was so excited to get my cards that I couldn’t contain my joy.

He said yes, as long as he could have one with my phone number on it.

I pointed out that he already knew where I lived, but ok, if he really wanted one (always networking, you see. He might know someone who is looking for a top notch marketing consultant…).

And so I started opening the package, standing on my doorstep in the sunshine.

The thing about Moo is that they really put a load of effort into the way they present their products. The white packaging box, had its shiny “yay!” and “made in London with love” stickers, which peel off to reveal another white box inside. Open this and there is some tissue paper. Under this, is a beautiful sturdy white case, sealed with a burgundy ribbon and Moo seal. Break the seal and the case opens to reveal the business cards inside.

Yes, remember, these are just business cards. But Moo have made it an experience, for me and my postman to share.

I took the top card out of the case and held it gently between my fingers.

“Look!”, I said to the postman, “pink edges!”

He took a card and nodded. “They’re very thick”, he noted. “Can I have this one then, Libby?” he asked. “I like the photo on it. My name’s Lee, by the way”.

Now I have new business cards and know my postman a little bit better.

So, I am very happy with my cards. Lee is very happy with his (I am trying not to think about that too much).

Moo has once again completely wowed me as a customer. Good work, and a lesson to all businesses out there.



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