Do you ever just do something really nice for your customers? Just because you love them?

Today is Valentine’s Day and that often means businesses create some contrived offer (yeah, I’m a cynic!) flogging something from their bandwagon. It doesn’t have to be though. It can be a day to just do something nice.

Like FreeAgent have done.

I use FreeAgent’s accounting software and sometimes have the odd issue with it. My fault, not theirs. Turns out despite completing various finance exams as part of my MBA, certain things flummox me still.

When I hit a wall, I ring the nice folks at FreeAgent and they help me in easy-to-understand language, with their giggles at my stupidly firmly stifled. Yeah, they rock.

I tweeted them after my last call to say thanks for the help, because that’s a nice thing to do. Shout about someone who has helped you online. Twitter isn’t all about Trump-bashing, you know.

Today, on this most romantic of days, I got a tweet from FreeAgent to say they had featured my tweet in a little love video they had made to give their customers a big old hug.

And guess what? It made me so happy that I wrote this blog about it.

So thanks, FreeAgent, for sharing the love and showing other businesses that a little bit of kindness and non-promotional Valentine’s love goes a hell of a long way to build loyalty with your customers.


Watch the video here:


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