Everything is marketing

Without marketing, none of us would have businesses. That is a fact!

You might not always think of your marketing as marketing, but I promise you it is…

There are the obvious kinds:

✔️ social media
✔️ websites
✔️ podcasts

And then there are the kinds that can be so crucial for building businesses, but often get dismissed as faffing about:

💥 talking to people
💥 joining in
💥 having fun
💥 being honest
💥 loving life

All these are forms of marketing. They are all infectious sharings of you and your love of life and your business.

No, they aren’t covered in traditional marketing courses, but they are often more important than making sure your website is the whizziest possible, or that your social media feed looks the prettiest it can.

This marketing is heart-centred. It’s passionate. It makes people want to know more…

And THAT is what marketing is all about.

Go out there and enjoy your business and your life, without feeling guilty, and just watch what happens 🧡

For more information about how to marketing your business in a way that feels right for you, click here.

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