Whether you’re new to business or more experienced and wanting to pivot or scale, it isn’t easy to do it by yourself when there’s procrastination, confusion, and overwhelm to contend with. 

I totally get it. It can be hard to be objective and have the insight you need to get where you want to be…which is where I come in!


You’re the expert on your own business, so instead of giving you a step-by-step guide (by the way, success doesn’t really have a one-size-fits-all formula), I’ll be right there with you, working together to give you…

  • More separation between life and business
  • Sustainable growth, so your business feels safe and secure for your future
  • More profit… the secret to working less and earning more!
  • Total clarity, purpose, and direction (no more second guessing yourself)
  • The accountability to GET SH*T DONE!

Whether you’re looking to simplify, grow, pivot or scale, my coaching support will give you the action steps and confidence you need to get there. 


CLARITY will help you clear the chatter and confusion in your head, and focus your time and energy on what will have the biggest impact 

PURPOSE is needed so you can be completely true to yourself and run your business with integrity, fully aligned with your vision and values. 

DIRECTION (otherwise known as your strategy!) provides you with the roadmap of how to take your business from where it is today, to where you want it to be. 

Then TAKE ACTION! Doing the work will get you the results…

You don’t have to do this alone. I have 12 years’ experience  with running a business and supporting entrepreneurs just like you. I promise to give you no-nonsense, practical guidance, and accountability so you can overcome challenges, get sh*t done, and have FUN!


  • You want to nail down what your biz is all about – your mission, values, and big vision.
  • Figuring out who your dream customers are and how to grab their attention feels like solving a Rubik’s cube.
  • Your offerings could use a little oomph, and you want to be more profitable.
  • You’ve got big ideas, but the whole making it happen part has you scratching your head.
  • Your business is growing and you’re like, “Help! I need some outside perspective!”
  • You’re too knee-deep busy bee mode, but the way out seem like a maze.
  • Things needs streamlining behind-the-scenes to free up headspace and time. 
  • You’re a bit rubbish at actually getting stuff done and you need someone to hold you accountable…

And – of course – you really want to be successful and are prepared to put in the groundwork to make that happen (that is very different to hustling 24/7, FYI)

HOW TO WORK WITH ME - straightforward without gimmicks

Not sure what is right for you? Drop me an email and I’ll give you my suggestion.

Confidence to Grow – £3,000 or £550 x 6

A lifetime-access group programme for service providers who want to take control of their life in business and create the future you *really* want.

Everything about this programme is personalised. 

Live calls. Live feedback. Live and continuous growth in all areas of life. Live community support. Live friendships. Live accountability. Live changes in you and your business.

And at the end of our time together you won’t recognise yourself! You will be walking taller. You will be confident in your decisions and your direction. You will have grown personally and professionally. You’ll be happier and healthier. You’ll be making more money.



In-person mastermind days – £500

Make more profit, simplify and streamline your business, finally complete those lingering projects, and create more time for the things outside of work…

I will help you:

  • Think like a profitable business owner, with super clear goals.
  • Become laser-focused on where you’re going so every working moment is productive.
  • Work only on the things that matter so you have more time to do the fun stuff.
  • Be accountable and get sh*t done!

It’s time to build momentum, kiss goodbye to overwhelm and burnout, and work smarter, not harder.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? One-day mastermind with up to 5 other business owners, at my home in Chesterfield. Lunch and drinks included. 

Click here to find out more or email me at to book.

VIP DAY – I’ll be your business co-director for a whole day


Clarify your vision, build your business foundations, and create a robust and simple-to-follow strategy to move you towards your goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide for business, so I’ll be by your side, walking you through your unique step-by-step strategy for success.

We’ll focus on purposeful action (you’ll get plenty of accountability!) and steady growth, giving you the best possible foundation for a sustainable future of working fewer hours, earning more money, and having more fun than you dreamed was possible!

(Full-day with me, at my home in Chesterfield, or a location on your choice subject to travel/accommodation costs)


The really useful email full of strategies, advice, and guidance that will help you grow your business without a whiff of 24/7 hustle…