Are You Your Audience's Caffeine Fix?

Are you the first thing your audience thinks about when they wake up? Are you the thing they know they NEED? Are you your audience’s caffeine fix?

If not, in this 15-Minute Transformation video, I will guide you to see how your content might actually be stopping you connect with the right people, and how you can adjust this so you become their caffeine fix… (if you prefer to read, keep scrolling)

I’ve noticed over the years, particularly at breakfast meetings, that people will often head straight for the coffee machine. They like that caffeine hit: it makes them feel better.

Imagine your content is that cup of coffee. When people see your content, they immediately feel better. They immediately feel like they’ve had their hit. They immediately feel as if they’ve been understood, they’ve been seen. Somebody gets them. It’s what they need.

This often doesn’t happen though, because there is a disconnect. You’re thinking about content first, not the feeling first.

By stopping thinking about content as something that you have to create because it’s on your to do list, you’re A) getting something massive off your plate; and B) you’re actually then focusing on yourself, your business, your audience, and what it is that they want to see or hear, and what it is that they want to feel.

What you’re focusing on then is how can you communicate this feeling of, “yes, I feel understood!”

Sometimes the way to get under people’s skin is actually to encourage them not to do things rather than telling them what to do. So if you’re telling people what to do all the time with how to with lessons, with tutorials, it’s more stuff that they’ve got to do. It’s just more stuff, more stuff, more stuff, more stuff.

And that’s where your disconnect is happening.

If you stop telling people more things they need to do in order to be better, people will respond to you more warmly, because you’re making them feel better. You’re taking something off their plate, exactly like I’m doing to you here today. I’m reframing for you how to think about your content differently so that you’re not just thinking about it as creating content.

It stops being a chore. And you feel understood.

This is how you become your audience’s caffeine fix ☕️

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