If you believe it can happen, then it will (just look at Leicester City)I am a Leicestershire girl, and this bank holiday weekend has been a feverish time of nerves and excitement for the county.

You see, in case you haven’t heard, Leicester City have won the Premier League.

I know! It’s crazy. So mad in fact, that I will say it again:



I am not a huge football fan, but I have watched this developing story with interest over the last few months.

Leicester have, to my memory, always been the underdogs. I remember back when I worked for the Leicester Mercury, we regularly got free tickets to games, several of which seemed to be part of the attempt to move up a division into the top flight and play with the big boys. Just last season, in fact, Leicester were on the cusp of being relegated.

But this year they have only gone and won the bloody title!

With odds ranging from 2000 to 500 – 1 (all them demonstrating the general lack of belief they could do it), a mid-table finish would have made even the most die hard fans happy.

So how come they won?

Well, it is my belief that their incredible success is down to a few factors:





And sheer hard work and determination.

Not skill?

No, not really. The team has a few reasonable players, but it is not made up of top flight, multi-million dollar names.

The real inspiration is that the players wanted it and didn’t listen to anyone who said they couldn’t do it. The practised, they worked hard, and they had their eye on the prize. And this paid off and their confidence grew, which meant their successes and wins became more frequent.

Confidence and belief breeds success. A little bit of cockiness allows you to have more fun, and the more fun you’re having, the less like hard work it all seems.

I personally am proud of the team and their efforts (despite not being an actual fan) and think we can all learn a lot from their efforts this season.

Good show, boys!



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