I was recently contacted by a local photographer, asking if I would be the subject of a photo-blog she wanted to create. Dorte Kjaerulff, of Fotograf in Market Harborough, took the headshots you see scattered around my website about 18 months ago. She thought I would be a good case study for her blog as I don’t much like having my photograph taken, but I understand the importance of good quality images to market yourself and your business.

Nothing to do with my inherent photogenicness, of course!

This was my big photo shoot moment!

We agreed to meet in a local cafe/restaurant that has just opened in Market Harborough. Taste Social were more than happy for us to use their premises while they were closed, and Dorte had scouted out the venue a couple of weeks before as she loved the light that came in through the big windows.

I was instructed to arrive with a couple of changes of outfit, and my iPad as a prop.

Dorte put me in all sorts of “natural” poses, some of which felt anything but. I fully appreciate that the camera shows things in a different way, but photo shoots can sometimes feel a bit odd while you’re in the middle of them! She took some arty images of my hands on my iPad and a laptop, as well as cropped close ups of my head and a screen. We also strategically placed cups of coffee on the floor to get good shots of me Instagramming my (prop) drink.




















The staff at Taste Social were very accommodating, with the manager happy to lend her hands for one of the pics (as well as taking the snap above).

Next stop was up to Union Wharf, the canal basin in Market Harborough. One thing to say about Union Wharf is that it was windy and freezing! Doesn’t make for an easy shoot, when hair is blowing everywhere and teeth are chattering (I am already full of cold with a hacking cough…).

Dorte is a consummate professional though, so had me sitting on the waterside, looking composed and intelligent, just like the calm business owner that I am!

We got a few comments from passing boat owners about the weather, but all in all the shoot went very well.

I really enjoyed myself and have to say that each time Dorte has photographed me she has put me completely at ease and made me feel like a glamorous celebrity. That is a true skill she possesses, and why I would always recommend a professional takes your website photos.

Look out for Dorte’s blog, which I will share here. In the meantime, why not visit her Facebook page and have a look at some of the wonderful pictures she’s taken?



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