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I want to share a recent personal journey that has reinforced my perspective on the importance of authenticity in business and life.


The Networking Chronicles

This story begins with my move to a new local area in 2022. I started attending networking meetings to connect with new people. At these meetings, we often share interesting or surprising facts about ourselves. I remember one event where I shared that I’m distantly related by marriage to Ainsley Harriott, the celebrity chef and TV presenter. This fact stood out to one attendee who later remembered me as “the one related to that chef.” It was amusing that this was the only thing he remembered about me, despite our conversation about business and work.

On another occasion, I met someone who joked about my dislike for exercise. This person later mentioned that whenever they think about networking or exercise, they have me in their head, creating a humorous connection between us.

These experiences made me reflect on how people remember us for different things, and it’s not always related to our professional expertise. There is a huge importance of human connection in building relationships and collaborations. I believe that liking someone is crucial for recommending or working with them, and I prefer networking groups that focus on genuine connections rather than just referrals.

The Evolution of My Personal Brand

Over time, my personal brand has evolved. My business used to be known for social media and marketing strategy, but now my focus has shifted to coaching. I’ve found that I’m now more known for being myself rather than just my business. This shift has been challenging, but it’s also been rewarding. I no longer need as many clients as before due to the services I offer and the reduced overhead costs.

I encourage you to think about what you’re known for and whether it aligns with your own perception. It’s important to be authentic and true to oneself.

The Importance of Branding Colours

Branding colours play a significant role in reflecting one’s personality. I remember not initially liking the branding colours chosen for my business (lime green!). However, after my autism diagnosis in the summer of 2023, I decided to embrace my true self and change my colours to a beautiful rich navy blue, a pale pink, and a beige colour. These colours felt more autumnal and reflective of my personal style.

Previously, I had used the colour orange extensively, but it never felt right to me. Now, with my new branding colours, I feel a sense of authenticity and alignment in my business.

Embracing Authenticity

I have a tattoo on my wrist, the mathematical symbol for congruence, which represents being in alignment and true to oneself. I believe that setting clear intentions and making decisions about how much of oneself to share is crucial in establishing a personal brand.

Successful individuals like Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have embraced their uniqueness and incorporated their personal beliefs into their work. By being authentic and true to oneself, it becomes easier to attract like-minded individuals and build meaningful connections.

I encourage you to embrace your differences and be proud of who you are. Authenticity in business is not just about being true to yourself, but also about ensuring that the image you present aligns with who you truly are. Reflect on your own personal brand and make any necessary changes to ensure authenticity.

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