Do you love what you do?

Are you in love with your business?

Do you wake up each morning and think “yes!”, or do you have to force yourself out from under your duvet and have ten cups of coffee before you can bring yourself to head to your office, dining table, or wherever you work from?

This isn’t about whether or not you are a morning person; this is about your passion.

You see, if you’re not passionate about your business then your customers will be able to see this. If you aren’t happy, or are bored with your business, your customers will be able to tell. Your customers – and potential customers – are smart cookies and know whether you’re being genuine with them or not.

This isn’t about you always being shiny, happy and polished. Far from it. Sharing your vulnerability and mistakes can be hugely valuable to your followers, and so shouldn’t be hidden under a veneer.

What I am referring to is a lack of passion for what you do. An underlying feeling of dread. Of misery. Of hatred.

That is NOT good for business, and is certainly isn’t good for you!

If you ask yourself whether you love what you do, what is the honest answer?

Is it yes? If so, massive high five!

Is it no? If so, what can you change to make you love it? Do you need to outsource some tasks so you can focus on the bits you do enjoy? Do you need to take a week off and get some headspace if really you’re just worn out? Do you need to think about selling your business? Are you ready for the next step but feel a bit stuck on how to get there?

If your ‘no’ is fixable then that is superb. I can help. My Marketing Megastars students all have a shared desire to move forward by making changes, so you’re definitely not alone! Come and join us, and fill your life with love and happiness. Fall in love with your business all over again. Remind yourself of why you started up in the first place, and what you want to achieve. It’s a wonderful liberating thing! Click here to get started.


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