Hello, I’m Libby Langley, an experienced coach and mentor for business owners who want genuine work/life balance

A Little Bit About Me

I live in the middle of England, with my husband and cat. I ditched my career job in 2011, in favour of creating a life filled with more financial independence, time freedom, and joy. I help business owners get real clarity on their big vision, so you too can live the life you have always dreamed of.

How I Work

There is no one-size-fits-all in business, and so my client work is completely bespoke. I won’t give you templates to follow, or make you set your goals to something that doesn’t suit you. Our time together is all about building and growing your business so it truly makes you happy.

“Libby is an impassioned and engaging individual, always willing to make time, and values the importance of doing things to help empower people and give them confidence.”

Fred, Knowledge Coordinator

My Business Journey

2011 – Starting My Life In Business

After years of working in marketing in the public and private sectors, I walked away to create a new life as a business owner. I gave up a great pension, excellent salary, and 35 days’ (plus bank hols!) annual leave because I was unhappy. I started trading as Zest Communications and in month one, I invoiced a whopping £127 and I have never been more proud of anything. My journey had begun.

2013 – Personal Development Begins

I have always believed in the power of professional development, and having undertaken numerous management and tutoring qualifications, and recently completing my MBA, in 2012 I embarked on a love affair with personal development. This has taken me to San Diego eight times (so far!) for Social Media Marketing World and Traffic & Conversion; Cleveland, Ohio, for Content Marketing World; and Las Vegas for an incredible experience learning about customer service at Zappos, as well as several UK-based masterminds. All these experiences help me be a more rounded mentor to my clients.

2014 – Giving Awards For Excellence

Not content with delivering training and coaching to hundreds of business owners, I organised a Social Media Awards event to recognise some of the most inspiring achievements in the business world. Over 100 people attended, with awards handed out by businesswoman extraordinaire, Rosemary Conley. One of the winners went on to receive investment on BBD Dragon’s Den, and I am proud to say I was able to support him on his journey to success.

2016 – Going Back To Basics

I had a successful business with a team of five, but I realised I was building a job for myself, not a business that afforded me the freedom and flexibility I wanted. I made the incredibly tough decision to make my staff redundant, and make a fresh start as a solo mentor, coach and consultant, working the days and hours that suited me. I also took the plunge and ditched my Zest Communications trading name to market myself as me: Libby Langley. This was a challenging year, but the decisions I made taught me a lot about resilience, the importance of goals that really matter, and why happiness comes first.

2017 – Flourishing On My Terms

Having spent a couple of years working out exactly what direction I wanted to go in, by 2017 my business was flying. I was the most profitable I had ever been, and said yes to what I wanted, and no to everything else. Focusing on what I wanted gave me the freedom and joy I had craved for six years!

2020 – Adapting To The Pandemic

Although I had already worked with clients online, from all over the world, face-to-face work was still a big chunk of my income, and this obviously disappeared overnight. I had to pivot quickly. And so, with a week or two, I launched a completely new premium-level coaching programme, created from my experience in business. My last foray into fully-online delivery had been in 2015, so I had a lot to catch up on, and fast! Marketing Megastars was launched in 2020, with 17 business owners signing up on launch day alone. Quick thinking and a desire to succeed got me through a potential crisis and taught me a lot about working in a different way.

2022 – Happy, Confident, Successful

Having run my group programme for almost two years, I knew I needed something different, and a more rewarding way to get deeper results for my clients. I wanted to really get to know my clients as individuals, not as part of a group. So, I closed my signature programme to new enrolments, and gave myself permission to pivot once more and focus solely on helping my clients achieve big growth and happiness, with me mentoring them on a 1:1 basis every step of the way.

And this is exactly how I can help you today!

Ready to build the business you *really* want?

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