I started my career selling ad space in a local newspaper and then national magazines.

It was a fun time, but I quickly realised sales wasn’t for me (not the natural place for an introvert!) so I side-stepped to the education sector where I worked my way up the management ladder for ten years or so.

Working in education allowed me to experiment with this thing called “social media” that appeared on the scene in the mid to late 2000s. I wrote and delivered some Facebook and Twitter courses back in the early days, and was amazed at the results businesses could get from this strange and new-fangled form of marketing!

In 2011, I took the brave step to leave my cushy management job and set up my own business, focusing solely on social media training so I could help business owners just like me easily grow their businesses online.

Since then I have trained thousands and thousands of business owners in all aspects of digital marketing, and I love it!

I'm an introvert

The internet is the perfect space for introverts like me, and I am always mindful of that in my teaching – not everyone is comfortable to go out there and “smash it”. Some of us prefer gentle, stress-free systems, and that is what I teach and preach.

I love peace and quiet and will often take myself off to work (and walk!) in the Lake District, or some remote part of France.

Social Media marketing for introverts

I love to learn

I enjoy learning as much as I love teaching and, as well as my formal qualifications, I’ve attended every single Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (bar one due to a honeymoon clash!) simply because it is absolutely worth me investing in my own skills and knowledge in order to best serve my clients.

Social Media training for business owners
Social media courses and strategy for small business owners