I used social media (hello Twitter, I remember you!) to help me leave a career that was crushing me, and build a business that gave me more freedom and flexibility that I could have dreamed of. 

I wasn’t happy though. 

Turns out that having a successful business is one thing, but HAPPINESS and a sense of fulfilment is what really matters.

I’d been helping my clients realise that for a decade, but wasn’t very good at doing it for myself. Doh. 

In early 2022, I finally threw off the shackles of being a marketing and social media coach, and embraced what I have always been good at and has made me stand out from other coaches…

….empowering female solopreneurs to feel confident – and happy! – in both life and business. 

I’m to the point, but “in a nice way” (as my friend Steph puts it!), and I can see the path before you, before you can see the path.  

I’m a passionate feminist, and firmly believe the more successful women there are in the world, the better place the world will be. Championing women is something I have – ashamedly – only really previously done from the sidelines. Whilst I’m not going to start burning my bras (I have some really lovely lingerie I don’t want to sacrifice!), I am here now to help you see what you can achieve as a woman if you allow yourself. 

Libby is a great mentor.

She helped me break through some initial fears in my business - without her encouragement and insights, my business would not be marketed with such ease

I'm an introvert

You don’t have to be an extrovert to succeed in business. 

Not everyone is comfortable to go out there and “smash it”, and I have developed various simple ways to cope with the noise of the business world (especially social media), which you will discover as we get to know each other better – and they can help you too. 

Introverted me is at my happiest when I’m in the space and beauty of the Lake District. One day my husband and I will relocate there – #lifegoal. 

And to be honest, I also really like watching TV. I’m a sucker for a good documentary, property renovation programme, and the Scandinavian crime drama. If you’ve got suggestions, DM me on Instagram

Social Media marketing for introverts

I love to learn

I enjoy learning as much as I love teaching and, as well as my formal qualifications, I’ve attended every single Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (bar one due to a honeymoon clash!) simply because it is absolutely worth me investing in my own skills and knowledge in order to best serve my clients.

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