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I wanted to give you some really useful top tips today, and I thought that some ways you could repurpose your content without being really icky and copy and paste would be really useful.

I’ve got seven ways you can repurpose your content today. Let’s start with what content is – content is anything that you share online.

Let’s say we start with a blog – you’ve created a blog and you’ve written it on your website. That’s your starting point of content. The thing about blogs is they’re often much longer than individual posts on Facebook, certainly longer than anything we put on Twitter. They’re longer forms of content generally.

With that piece of content, there are so many different things that you can create and different ways that you can continue to share that message because it’s about reinforcing your message all the time. Anything that’s useful like that should be shared across multiple platforms.

One thing that you can do, once you’ve written your blog post, you can share that blog post onto LinkedIn and add to Facebook and various places. You can just share the link directly to it, but you can also use it as new content as well. One way I would suggest doing this, one of the seven, is to use it as the basis of an Instagram post.

People who are on your Instagram might not necessarily visit your website. You need to get them to do that – that lesson is for a later date – so that if they’re seeing your content in your news feed, then you can use some or all of the content of the blog, probably snippets, because it will be too long to copy and paste them. You can have a nice graphic that goes with it and then you’ve got one more piece of repurposed content that all ties your messaging together.

If somebody does then visit your website from Instagram, they’ll see a similar language. They’ll see a similar kind of content. They’re automatically familiar with it, which is just exactly what we want. Whilst we’re on Instagram, you could also turn your blog post into an IGTV such as this, or a live, which then you could save to IGTV. You could also do a live broadcast with someone else, perhaps to discuss what your blog article is about. That was two – IG Post and IGTV and Live.

Then you could create a podcast, if you have a podcast as well. But again, staying on the same theme of the content that you’re creating, you can do a verbal version of the content that you’ve written about and discuss it, perhaps in a bit more detail.

If you’re on Club House, then Club House is essentially a live podcast. Interactive podcast is the easiest way of describing it. You could go have a room on Club House and you could you could talk in more detail about the blog article that you’ve written, not keep referring back to the fact that you’ve written a blog just talking about the topic like seven ways to repurpose your content, for example.

Again, on Club House, same as I said, for IGTV and Instagram Live, you could have some guests on and you could you could talk in this room and develop the theme even further, which is a really interesting way of doing it.

Then let’s not forget Facebook – a similar post to what you’ve created for Instagram. You could create one for your Facebook page, don’t directly create something on Instagram and then share it across or vice versa, because obviously on Instagram you want to use lots of hashtags and you might want to tag people in it, whereas on Facebook it’s going to work slightly differently.

You’ve got more room on Facebook in terms of the number of characters. You can put a lot more information and detail in there and you could put a little video with it, perhaps, rather than just a static image. There are more options, more possibility on Facebook.

Then let’s email some people about it. Either you can send out an email to people with a link for them to read with a bit of a summary of the article with a link back to your website to read it, or you can put most of the most of the blog article within the content of the email itself and just a link to say, if you want to read the full article on my website, click here, because drawing people back to your website is a really good thing to do. You also want them to read to get a lot of the value of what you’re sending out in the email itself.

So that’s seven ways. We’ve got Instagram post, Instagram live, IGTV. They can be one of the same – podcast, Club House, Facebook post and email, and that’s seven.

If you want a little bonus eight, then you could also do a very abridged version in a story on Instagram.

There you go, as you bonus eight. I hope you found that useful. I very much look forward to seeing your not exactly the same uniform content across all of your channels.

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