6 reasons to start writing a blog

You might well be sh*t scared of writing a blog in case someone reads it and judges you (hello there, imposter syndrome 👋🏼), and you certainly wouldn’t be alone in that.

But imagine if you didn’t feel like that. Imagine if you felt confident and inspired to put fingers to keyboard.

Wanna know what could happen…?

Here are 6 reasons to start writing a blog:

🌟 You would raise your visibility. Not everyone is on social media – shock horror! People will stumble across your blog who would never have found you otherwise.

🌟 You would be an expert. The more you write about your expertise and your niche, the more of an expert you will become – to readers and in your own head.

🌟 You would get opportunities. If you write your own blog, chances are someone will want you to write on theirs too. Guest posting is fantastic for reaching other people’s audiences.

🌟 You would save tons of time. Each blog you write will contain about ten ideas for social media posts. No need to think of anything else, or worry about going off topic!

🌟 You would get more traffic. Not only does Google love the fresh, new content that is a blog, sharing your blog links onto social media will get more people to click onto your website.

And… drumroll please….

🌟 You would get more clients. The more people who find you, read your content, believe you’re the expert, and come to your website, the more sales you will make. That’s simple business maths.

All that seems worth taking a step out of your comfort zone, doesn’t it?

But how the hell do you go from nodding your head in agreement to what I’m saying, to actually making it happen?

Click here for the answer to that. It isn’t magic. You’ll be surprised how simple (and fear-free) writing a blog actually is.


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