10 simple content ideas to post on social media

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “what do I post on social media?”

There really is an endless list though, and once you get to grips with a few of the basics concepts, you’ll never be short of ideas of what post on social media ever again.

A words of advice before I jump to the top ten list of things to post:

Make sure your content is relevant

Think about the topic your audience is expecting you to talk about, and don’t deviate too far from that.

Start conversations, don’t preach

Remember you’re on social media to be social, so think about starting conversations, no just sharing everything you know.

Post with purpose

Your overall objective is to grow your business, so think about what your post will achieve. It’s ok to signpost people to a useful piece of content, or a free download or masterclass, or to chat in the DMS.


💥 Introduce yourself

Your new followers might not know much about you, so say hello, and remind existing followers who the heck you are and what you do. Share something about you to start a conversation.

💥 Interview someone

Got a client or follower who’s doing good things? Do a live interview with them and share the juicy details. Lives are a great way to talk to yours and your interviewees audience.

💥 Go behind the scenes

What really happens in your business? That’s what we all want to know! Share the juicy details in a live, a timelapse video, talking to camera, or a series of images in a carousel post.

💥 Share a ‘before and after

What results do your clients get after working with you? Or how do you turn a jumble of thoughts/paper/wool into something structured/tidy/creative? Show us. The creative journey is always interesting.

💥 Create an ‘ask me anything’ post

Give your followers an open space to chat with you. They will learn, and you will get some great content for future posts. Win win.

💥 Share top tips

You’re the expert. Share useful tips that will help people move forward. They will thank you! Make a list of all your FAQs and break them down into little tips to make your content easier to digest.

💥 Create a ‘how to’ video

Some people learn better from video so create a little demo. Getting a visual of your work really helps cement what you do in people’s minds.

💥 Share a testimonial

Clients saying good things about you? Shout it from the rooftops! Screenshot DMs or emails and add them to a Canva graphic in your branding colours.

💥 Tell people what you sell…

Don’t forget to remind people how they can buy from you or sign up to work with you 😉

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