Hello and welcome!

Are you here because you’re ready to transform yourself from an unsure social media user to a fully-fledged Marketing Megastar? I can’t wait to start helping you on your journey.

I’m here for all small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and one wo(man) bands who want to learn the simplest and easiest way to market their business online.

It’s what I have been doing since 2011, for my own business and for people just like you.

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Hi, I'm Libby!

I’m really passionate about helping fabulous business owners – just like you – to move forward in your business. 

You don’t need to spend hours online (really?!), and you don’t need a million followers to be a success (wait, what??). 

Yep, I am here to show you the simple, clear, EASY path to getting your sh*t sorted online and growing that business of yours. 

How I Can Help You

Bitesize courses – turn your likes into leads and get camera confidence

Get bespoke advice and guidance in a 1:1 session

Work with me on your marketing mindset inside Marketing Megastars

"Taking part in Libby's 'Marketing Megastars' has been very clarifying for me and has given direction, focus and new skills in abundance."
"Libby is always there for me with any marketing dilemmas I may have and… has given me so much confidence to be myself."