Hello and welcome!  

Are you here because you’re ready to transform yourself from an unsure social media user to a fully-fledged Marketing Megastar? I can’t wait to start helping you on your journey. 

I’m here for all small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and one wo(man) bands who want to learn the simplest and easiest way to market their business online. 

It’s what I have been doing since 2011, for my own business and for people just like you. 

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Hi, I'm Libby!

I’m really passionate about helping fabulous business owners – just like you – to move forward in your business. 

You don’t need to spend hours online (really?!), and you don’t need a million followers to be a success (wait, what??). 

Yep, I am here to show you the simple, clear, EASY path to getting your sh*t sorted online and growing that business of yours. 

I started training businesses how to use social media back in 2009 (back in the days of Twitter and Facebook being the only choices!) and then set up my own business in 2011 to allow me to work with more businesses and truly help the small business owners of this world without the bureaucratic ties of the corporate world on my shoulders.

I love learning as much as I love teaching and, as well as being a qualified tutor, in 2012 I completed my MBA (distinction) with my dissertation focusing on social media marketing strategy and business communication. I’ve attended every single Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (bar one due to a honeymoon clash!) simply because it is absolutely worth me investing in my own skills and knowledge in order to best serve my clients. I believe in practising what I preach, and as well as running a small business with all the hats that requires, I undertake multiple courses per year to ensure I am at the top of my game and my mind keeps growing.

I’m really proud to have a reputation as someone who genuinely helps their clients by getting inside their business (and their heads!), and to still have clients I have worked with since I started my business in 2011.

What clients have said about working with me: