Hello and welcome!

Phew, you made it! It’s a jungle out there, so congratulations for making it to this oasis of peace and tranquility!

You’ve found me, and your next step is to really find YOU…

You’ve been feeling a bit lost, haven’t you? You’re wondering if you’re too old or too tired to carry on running your business. You’re fed up with all the social media trends you think you need to keep up with. It’s all just too much sometimes. 

You’re actually seriously wondering if now is the time to tap into your inner Bridgerton and find yourself a rich Duke to marry so you can eat crustless sandwiches and swish about in your finest silks and satins all day… 

But no! STOP that thought! 

YOU are a woman, and we can rule the world. We have the power within us, and our time is now.

So how about we get to grips with what the problem* really is, and bring back a sense of HAPPINESS to you, your life, and your business?

*the problem isn’t you, your age, your logo, or the algorithm…

Hi, I'm Libby!

I started working for myself in 2011, as a social media and marketing coach, and created a very successful business with an excellent reputation.

Thing is, I fell out of love with social media in about 2015 (truth bomb!), so kind of got to the stage where I was teaching it on autopilot. 

I always got excellent results with my clients and students, but I realised it wasn’t social media that was getting them those results…

…It was ME and the way I challenged their beliefs, empowered them to think differently and say ‘no’ more, draw on their inner confidence, and be HAPPY with what they were doing.

So bye bye marketing coach, and hello Life & Business Coach. Helping women in business to excel is what I excel at! 

I promise you, with the right support (*cough* ME!), you can kiss goodbye to feeling meh, and kick self-doubt to the curb!   

It all starts with YOU...

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Taking part in Libby's 'Marketing Megastars' has been very clarifying for me and has given direction, focus and new skills in abundance.

Especially useful for me was to really deep dive into who exactly are my 'tribe' - something that has eluded me for years.

Thanks to Libby's wonderful enthusiasm and the soul-searching questions in the course, I am now slowly getting ready to launch myself into the world and to say with happiness and confidence, "Here I am and here are my creations!"

Thanks a million Libby!
With Libby's support I felt confident enough to double my prices which has led to more bookings with lovely clients and doing more of what I love, and as an added bonus enabled me to run my business solely from home giving me more freedom & flexibility as a wife, mamma & business owner.

She has given me so much confidence to be myself... I used to crop my face out of photos when I started my business but now I'm happy to be myself as I see Libby every day practising what she preaches!

I would whole heartedly recommend Libby as a mentor ❤️