Hello and welcome!

I’m here for YOU – all small business owners, entrepreneurs, and one wo(man) bands who want to learn the simplest and easiest way to market yourself and your business online, without feeling like you need to point, dance, or sell your soul to some algorithm. 

Why choose me as your guide? Quite simply, I get it. I have gone from a start-up, in my slippers, with no clients in 2011, to a decade of successful business ownership (still in my slippers!). Let me show you how to do exactly the same.

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Hi, I'm Libby!

I’m really passionate about helping coaches, consultants, and business owners – just like you – to feel at ease with your marketing. 

I’m a business owner, a strategist, a mindset mentor, a course creator, a teacher, a speaker, a tech geek, a problem solver, a blogger, an email marketer, and a cat lover. 

My mission is to make it clear to you that you don’t need to spend hours on social media (really?!), and you don’t need a million followers to be a success (wait, what??). 

Yep, I am here to show you the simple, clear, EASY path to getting your sh*t sorted online and growing that business of yours in a way that doesn’t make you want to vomit. 

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