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Libby is a great mentor. She helped me break through some initial fears in my business – without her encouragement and insights, my business would not be marketed with such ease” Kirti – Career Coach

Hey, I’m Libby. An award-winning coach, and person who genuinely gives a sh*t about making other people's businesses better.

I've run my coaching business since 2011, and have helped over 6,000 business owners to be more focused, less afraid, work fewer hours, make more money, and have more fun in their biz and their life.

Over the years I’ve seen so many marketing and business growth strategies, tactics and “must do” fads come and go that the core of my coaching is around simplicity, sustainable practices, reality, and what you really want, not what society tells you you “should” want.


My podcast – Life In Business – shares the truth about what *really* makes a difference in business, and my book – Life In Business: Easy Ways To Work Less, Earn More, And Embrace True Happiness – is the bible for any business owner whose head is filled with too many thoughts and they need a simpler way to do things.

“Libby is an expert but more importantly, one who can convey points in language that makes sense, and one who isn't afraid to offer a strong but always well qualified opinion.”

Mark Trevarthen

1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

I offer totally bespoke 1:1 coaching to create more clarity, profit and ease in your business (without overwhelm or over-working!)

Why Work With Me

Over 11 Years Of Experience

I have helped entrepreneurs from all sectors and industries to create a life filled with more financial independence, more time freedom, and way more joy!

I've Been There Too

I've made some catastrophic mistakes in my business journey, which means I can steer you clear of them. I can totally empathise with how you're feeling right now.

Truly bespoke support

I am a mentor, and that means flexibility and adaptability. I don’t teach to a set structure or choose your goals for you. Everything is personalised just for you.

What My Clients Say

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